Sunday, May 4, 2014

KC Visits

This last week we went for a small trip on our P day with the Collins. We went to Kolob Reservoir through parts of Zion Park. pictures included. DC came down to visit but we did not have any time off to do much. He is experiencing pain in his legs and so I filled the hot tub and he was able to use it.I was able to give him a priesthood blessing and assure him that he does not have MS. It was a very spiritual moment for all of us. KC just wept. Janet K
app Perry came and talked at our fireside Friday night it was very moving also. I  can see there a lot of spiritual moments on this mission. Yesterday at Brighams house Darolyne and I both gave Books of Mormon  one to a couple from Rancho Mirage California and one to a couple from back east. This week is Swiss Days at Santa Clara so every home in town puts out a wooden cutout of cows these pictures are in front of Jacobs house.

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