Sunday, May 4, 2014

Surprise Guests Brian and Dianne Dudley

Yesterday we were serving at Brigham Youngs' House. We looked up out of our Gazebo and who could we spy but Brian and Dianne Dudley straight from Raymond Alberta. They flew in on a whim. The night before Brian said lets go see John and Darolyne. So they got up at 2 a.m. drove to Great Falls  got on a plane to Salt Lake, then on to St.George. There they were we have spent the last three days with them, they have visited all the sites. What a great treat. Today we went to the Visitors Center and I had a neat experience there. Walking outside was the President of the St George Temple Bruce Hafen, former Seventy, and his wife and a friend. I went outside and introduced myself to him as a former Principal of Orem High when his kids went to Orem High. His son was on the tennis team with Ryan. We had a great talk about how good Orem High was back in those days. The lady with him was a lady from the church who was there to beautify the temple grounds. Well I had a lot to say about that with suggestions.I think they liked a lot of them. We had a French bus come in and while they were there I had President Hafen come and see how the sister missionaries taught them in  there language.

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