Sunday, May 4, 2014

Last Minute Miracle

Yesterday Sept. 16 we worked at the temple visitor center. It was a real slow night in the last half hour I was summoned to the big center to give a blessing. Elder Dabb and I responded There we met a young mother who was pretty distressed. She came to the Center for a blessing. This happens often because people know that the priesthood is always there. We met with her and she said she is going through a divorce and has lost all hope because she is afraid she is going to lose her child, a 9 year old girl. I was asked to give the blessing. As I blessed her I could feel the spirit of the holy ghost as she was really humble and submissive.It was like when the lady touched the hem of the Saviors garment and was healed because of her faith. This lady had faith and I gave her a blessing of peace and assurance that everything would be alright. A lot of tears were shed. Then I went back to the Annex and a couple of minutes before we closed the doors and locked up I detected in the night that there were a lot of people out on the Temple grounds. I opened the door and found 4 families of Hispanics taking pictures of the temple in the night. I asked if I could take the pictures for them. In so doing I found out hey were from Mexico and only one could speak English. They were not members of the Church I asked if they would like a Book of Mormon in Spanish, so I  gave them 4 Books. Today at the tabernacle Darolyne gave out 2 Books of Mormon to people from Ohio and Colorado. These photos are as follows The diorama of St. George at around 1900, The display of the canon that they tamped down the lava rock to form the foundation wall of the temple and the view of the visitor center with the Annex in the for front this is where i spend my  time when I am at the visitor center, Darolyne is in the main part of the center.

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