Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another Transfer Day

This week was a transfer day, Sister Busteed was the only one going home. She lives in Sandy, Utah. Eder and Sister Bowcutt have a month left. They will be going home to Perry Utah a town next to Willard, Utah where Darolynes' ancestors came from to go to Canada. Also our favorite sisters showed up and we are taking them out to lunch. Lister Losky is form Pennsylvania and now is going to go to UVU in Orem. And Sister Chinen from Sacramento who is presently serving in Cedar City. We are buying another home so it is stressful in the Childs home. I will be going in for Cataract surgery in two weeks. Darolynes' back is really hurting again so she might have to have another shot. Elder Bowcutt and I are Elder Watkins, Assistants.

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