Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sweet Home Alabama

Today at the Tabernacle a man and his wife and their  20 year old son and their mother , his mother came in for a tour. They were from Alabama. The man wife and son just retired and moved here to Entrada. At the end of the tour they wanted to know about our religion. They were Baptists. I told them about Tithing, Fast Offerings , and that piqued their interests. Then I told them about the temple and what we did in them. Then genealogy, about our belief of eternal families and lastly about the Book of Mormon. Then the 40 something wife said, "how can I be a member of your church?" Needless to say it was a great ex;perience. I gave them my card and asked them to email me if they would like to learn more. I gave them 3 Books of Mormons and literature on all the other things they were interested in. Also a Jewish couple came in from Queens New York, a man from Germany that was traveling the US by himself. Good day. Today was Brodies 16th birthday.  6 foot 5 and rising. Love that kid.

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