Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Plain Ole Quite the Day

Yesterday was a p day. Elder Leishman came over and helped me put up a grill canopy in the back. Only half up though. Today was quite the day. 4 French Bus tour groups. They usually come in the main center where Darolyne and the sister missionaries hang out. I am out in the Annex. Today a bus load of French people came in the Annex and I gave out 15 Books of Mormons. Then later on a young man from LA a latino who was in town for a conference came in. He asked tons of questions he said he had a friend who was Mormon and was getting married in the LA temple. He was not a member. He hung out for a good half an hour and was really interested in our church and what it took to get married in the temple. He left with a Book of Mormon with an explanation of what it was. When he left I wondered if he was the friend he said he had. Interesting experience. You never know how the spirit works on people including myself. Also  a lady with the last name of Farrarri came in and wanted a blessing because she said she landed on her bed this morning and she thinks she broke some ribs, she wasn't able to get ahold of her bishop so she came in for a priesthood blessing. She was 70 years old and was being booted out of her house. I gave her a blessing and told her to go home and write down what was taught to her today. Here is a photo of Ryan and Darolyne on Mothers day.

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