Thursday, May 22, 2014

Assorted Quips

The last couple of days have been quite busy; we are going to buy a house which worries us because we will need to sell this one. Ryan has a new girlfriend, a 39 year old attorney with two children. KC found out that his school loans will add up; to 34000 dollars. But the gospel is true and we are on a Mission. I had an experience with a couple vermont that seemed quite interested in the Church, I was at Brighams' home. They took a Book of Mormon and all information that we had. Then I had another couple from Vermont that loved history, just not lds church history. Can't change the fact that Brigham Young was a prophet of God interestingly enough called the American Moses because he was responsible for starting over 300 communities in the intermountain west, more than any other colonizer in American history. Darolyne had a great experience with a lady who had the Book of Mormon but was afraid to read it. She said if she read it and didn't believe it that she would go to Hell. Darolyne taught her through that fear, now she wanted to go home and read the book.  Pictures of Mark Gibbons who at one time was my Choir Teacher at Dixon Middle School and his sister in law Linda who sings with Gladys Knights' choir. That choir goes all over the US and gives performances and gives a fireside where Gladys bears her testimony. Another photo is of a girl who came to Jacob Hamlins' house and is a great great granddaughter of  Jacob and Priscilla Leavitt so I took  her picture by Priscillas' picture. Then a picture of Darolyne and Peggy Collins at Brighams' Mark and Linda did a concert at the Tabernacle. Also a picture of Eduardo who is the custodian of the Tabernacle he is from Ecuador 75 years old and going strong. A wonderful man, love him lots.

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