Sunday, May 4, 2014

13 Months

Interesting week, Channel 4 ABC TV came down to the Tabernacle and wanted to tape Darolyne and I but Missionaries can't be on TV. So they came at night to a performance by the Snow Canyon Choir so they filmed it live and Darolyne was on the stand at the Tabernacle, she was on TV but the cameraman did a really bad job of photo journalism and the whole production came out blurry. Then this weekend was the Iron man competition in St.George. 2300 participants, you swim 3 miles then bike 70 miles then run 13 miles and it was hot 98 degrees. A German won it followed by a Canadian. The finish line was at the Tabernacle, we were there the night before the competition. Yesterday I gave 6 Book of Mormons to the French who came in a bus. Today I gave a Book of Mormon in Farsi to a man who wanted one in Persian, He was a bus driver for one of the French busses. He lived in L.A. I
didn't find out if he was a muslim though. This is Darolyne, Sister Collins and Sister Young at our monthly outing at Paulas' Mexican. Looks like the 3 Redheads.

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